Slaughter in San Francisco

SLAUGHTER IN SAN FRANCISCO will be shown on November 9th, 2012 as part of a SFCult 35mm double-bill with THE WARRIORS at San Francisco’s historic Victoria Theater. Buy tickets here!

What could possibly go better with THE WARRIORS’ gangs fighting their way across 1970s New York City than Hong Kong action stars fighting their way across 1970s San Francisco?

Originally titled YELLOW FACED TIGER and intended as a Bruce Lee vehicle for Hong Kong audiences, SLAUGHTER IN SAN FRANCISCO ended up getting an American release as Chuck Norris’ first film after he rose to fame. Sans beard, and dubbed for the film, this isn’t the Chuck Norris that you’re used to – and perhaps that’s a good thing. Bruce Lee passed on the film, Don Wong took over, and the rest is badly-dubbed kung fu history.

Check out Sherilyn Connelly’s great review of SLAUGHTER IN SAN FRANCISCO in the SF Weekly.

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