Meta-Sexploitation Double Feature!

November 17th, 2012, SFCult presents a 35mm double feature of Anna Biller’s 60s and 70s sexploitation tribute VIVA and the forgotten but incredible mod giallo THE FRIGHTENED WOMAN (aka FEMINA RIDENS). VIVA begins at 7:00pm, THE FRIGHTENED WOMAN at 9:30pm. 35mm prints for both films! Easy access from BART! Psychotronic pre-show and intermission! Just $10 for both films! Tickets on sale now!

Not convinced? Read more about VIVA here, and more on THE FRIGHTENED WOMAN here. Or maybe this Youtube clip of the insane theme song to THE FRIGHTENED WOMAN will help you decide:

THE FRIGHTENED WOMAN print provided courtesy of the American Genre Film Archive (

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